Unfolding digital vision: that’s our mission! We are setting digital content free from the current limits of flat 2D displays. We are experts when it comes to delivering digital content with spatial depth and in 3D, 3D all quite naturally and without needing any annoying 3D glasses.

We offer a full range of comprehensive concepts for various markets that are clear, easy-to- understand, and, above all else, easy-to-use.

Unfolding digital vision

Develop your digital vision and be impressed by our 3D solutions.

Some facts about Tri-Evolution

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Made in Germany

3D Advertising

Unleash the full potential of your advertising

Digital advertising, also known by the technical term “digital signage”, is enjoying ever greater attention and importance. Whether in public spaces such as airports or train stations, in shopping malls, at trade fairs, or in shops and stores, the world of advertising is becoming increasingly digital. With us as your partner, you will enter a new digital dimension of advertising: BREATHTAKINGLY ARRESTING, FLOATING FREELY IN SPACE, IN 3D.

Let’s put your concerns about the unknown to rest. We’ve already put plenty of thought into the processes, components, and content for you. We will provide you with all the standards of digital video advertising, just in 3D, naturally in 3D.


Watch a short video of our world novelty – the 3D AD MIRROR with an integrated 15” 3D monitor
Watch a video of our 10“ POS 3D screen in action

Made in Germany

The latest 3D monitor technology made in Germany


Flexible business models


Design, installation, and maintenance of your 3D digital advertising network

Largest product range

The largest range of products from small 10″ screens to very large 3D screens (85″ and larger)

3D Werbung


Services for sales of 3D advertising time


Rentals for exhibitions and events

Different 3D content

3D content with different specifications based on your requirements

Pro-CMS and -Hosting

Professional networking (CMS) software including optional server hosting and operation of the 3D advertising network

3D Product Configurator

Three-dimensional intuitive interaction

3D viewing is mixed with intuitive interaction with content– resulting in an ingenious visualization concept for your product ideal for use at trade fairs, national and international showrooms, and POS in shops and stores! Speak “3D” with your customers using our 3D product configurator.


Watch a video about our 3D Product Configurator

Predefined UNITY 3D Welt

easy to be uploaded with your 3D data and simply to be adapted to your needs and to your corporate identity (CI)

Creation and editing

of your (CAD) data for UNITY 3D

Various motion options

rotation, tilt, zoom

Free selection of product features

colors, textures, shapes and more

Various backgrounds

Various selectable 3D scenery backgrounds

Different controllers

Support different controllers such as Kinect or Leap Motion Gesture Control, Android app, or remote joystick


Photogrammetric 3D scanning services

Network capability

incl. uploading new products and product groups via the Internet

Online integrable

Can be integrated into your online presence as desired

Are you interested in a web-solution for a 3D Product Configurator?
Watch our web-solution for a 3D Product Configurator.

Industry and Medical 3D Viz Box

3D meetings in the team, with clients or patients

Until now, a simple and easy-to-use solution for viewing data in 3D has been lacking, but TRI Evolution now makes this possible. Perfect for interdepartmental 3D team meetings, as well as for customer and patient consultations with 3D support. Various data formats from the areas of science, industry and medicine are supported.
Easy handling in 3 steps:

  1. Export data easily from the relevant software (e.g. design software, CAD program, or medical imaging software)
  2. Send in your export for processing to the “3D Viz Box”
  3. A short time later, examine and discuss in a team with clients or colleagues via a 3D monitor or 3D tablet


All interactive and, naturally, in 3D!

Predefined motion options

rotation, tilt, zoom


client-enabled database

Fast processing

Fast and uncomplicated processing of your data for the “3D Viz Box”

Various controls

Support for various controls such as touch (with 3D tablet use), gesture control, Android app or remote joystick


with TRI Evolution 3D monitors and 3D tablets


application possibilities

3D Tablets

Perfect for sales managers and customer advisors

A great innovation for sales managers on their way to the customer! An impressively clear 3D view, natural and without 3D glasses, is now available in tablet format. Enjoy all our 3D visualization expertise with appropriate solutions on our switchable 3D tablets. Switchable in the sense that the tablet can be used for the internet, Office, etc. in 2D mode, as usual, but will also let you experience the full power of 3D vision due to its switchable optic filter. Make a great impression on your customers through interactive 3D product presentations or 3D product videos, mobile and on-site via TRI Evolution’s 3D tablet solutions.


Watch a video about our 3D Tablets


Our App is based on Android

Switchable 2D-/3D-mode

Switchable between 2D and 3D mode


Suitable for displaying 3D product videos (side-by-side) or for interactive handling of your 3D data – “3D Product Configurator” and “3D Viz Box” as a tablet version.

Ideal sales tool

Ideal as a sales tool for 3D product visualizations, mobile and on-site at your customer’s location

3D evaluations

Cross-departmental 3D evaluations in science, industry and medicine


3D Tablet can be equipped with your logo

3D Services

Perfect for website & online-shop

3D Interactive Video

Have a look at our examples for Shoppable Video:

3D Web Viewer

Have a look at our examples for Shoppable Video:

3D Web Configurator

Have a look at our examples for Shoppable Video:

360° Product Photography

Have a look at our examples for 360° Product Photography:

3D Hardware

Unfolding digital vision.

We simply know how it is done as technology leaders with the most diverse portfolio of products made in Germany. The latest CLD-optics in conjunction with impressively sharp 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) delivers a glasses-free 3D performance that meets the highest standards. Absolutely clear image separation and top contrast values ensure a pleasantly wide viewing angle of 120° with maximum 3D depth performance and the maximum possible pop-out effects.

Are you interested in leasing our equipment? Our entire product portfolio is also available to rent for events and trade fairs. Contact us for more information.

Standard Series

Our Standard Series covers all available 3D screens in regular landscape format.

10“ 3D Tablet

TriE1000 Tablet

10“ Model


15“ Model

TriE1500 Ad Mirror

28“ 4K Model


55“ 4K Model


65“ 4K Model


75“ 4K Model


98“ 4K Model


more info about our products

P Series

Our P Series covers all our 3D monitors in portrait “P” format.


28“ 4K Model

TriE P2800va4K

55“ 4K Model

TriE P5500va4K

65“ 4K Model

TriE P6500va4K

75“ 4K Model

TriE P7500va4K

98“ 4K Model

TriE P9800va4K

more info about our products

3D Video Walls

110“ / 165“ 3D Video Walls

available in various configurations

Learn more about our hardware

Are you interested in finding out more details about our 3D hardware? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist.

3D Advantage

3D-Advantage compared to standard advertising

3D advertising results in a 44% longer attention span, on average, making a greater impression than a 2D equivalent.

+ Attentiveness

+ Recognition

+ Sales


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